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A real development process for real development teams

Software development teams can struggle with a unified design and development philosophy. curtissimo provides training in Feature-Driven Development, a process that accelerates your digital transformation and yields reliable outcomes for your investment.

Fixed-price bids for your software dreams

Other software consultancies will bill you hourly for their work. This can lead to never-ending projects that ruin your budget and your planning. curtissimo prevents you from suffering this by using Feature-Driven Development to create fixed-price bids for the software that you need to take your business to the next level.

Build some software


Our well-regulated engagement process ensures that entry and exit criteria are met for quantifiable completion phases.

Develop the business model

The heart of your business is the unique collection of processes that you employ to make decisions and take actions that drive your business. For most projects, we spend up to two weeks interviewing the stakeholders and subject matter experts to establish and generate the archetype containing the flow of your decisions and actions, the people and organizations that participate in them, and the different roles that all the participants can take.

Establish the features for the supporting software

Based on the knowledge codified from the previous stage, we plot all of the business activities and each of their individual steps. These steps become the foundation for the list of features that describe how your software will support each of the actions needed to realize successful completions of your business processes. We catalog the features list in our feature tracking software for full visibility of the scope of the project.

Organize the project plan

We design our project plan along two dimensions: what drives the most value to your business and what steps make the overall software development the most efficient. Using those two measures, we coordinate our project delivery based on feature group completions as we deliver the software to provide you the way to perform your crucial business activities.

Then, for each feature in the list, we perform the following steps.

Design the feature

A design package is produced for the feature. Together with the corresponding developers, the chief programmer works out detailed software implementation diagrams for each feature and integrates the design into the overall model. Through the review, the chief programmer and developers determine the different interactions of the software components. Finally, the design package is inspected by an architect to ensure design compliance with our modeling philosophy.

Code the feature

After the architect approves the design package, the developers embark on writing the code for the feature to deliver it to you. Our software development process includes the creation and maintenance of automated tests that we deliver to you to ensure the integrity of the software. When the code is completed by the developers, the chief programmer will inspect the code for compliance with our internal standards and any of your code quality standards. When all of that passes, we promote the feature into the main build and deployment pipeline.

Build some software